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Image by Jefferson Santos

Production & Songwriting

One of my favorite things to do is to co-write, and to help other people make their songs the best they can be. Why would anyone trust me to do that? I'm not sure... I do know that I've been writing songs for almost 20 years, and I am a dedicated student of the craft of songwriting. I am a decent performer and a terrible self-promoter, but I am a very competent songwriter. I've written or co-written over 150 songs to date, and there are about 10 of them that consistently make strangers cry. Take that to mean what you will... I take it to mean it's not my songwriting that's prevented me from making this a full-time thing.

Image by Calum MacAulay


Lyrics are the thing I obsess over the most in my own songs. If you are stuck on a chorus or a verse, or just want a second set of ears, or you're just really tired of hearing about how your songs are AMAZING from your parents, hit me up. I really enjoy editing lyrics and I'll do my best to help you refine yours.

Image by Kevin Valerio

Production & Structure

I really enjoy working through the basic mechanics of a song to help make it the best it can be. Is the feel/time signature right? Does this song need another section? What's the right tempo? Are there awkward transitions? These are all things I love to explore. If you want my two cents on a song you're working on, send me some music! 



Having played in bands since I was 17, I am familiar with how hard it can be to come up with parts that 'fit' together but don't get muddy. I've spent years studying how great bands arrange their songs, and I love working out how to create dynamic, interesting parts that lock together to support the emotion of a song. If you think your arrangements could use help, get in touch!

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