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Beyond my own music, I work with a few other artists in varying capacities. Check their music out as well!

Modern Fools

I started playing bass with Modern Fools in October '21. Check out this cool alt-country-indie-folk project here.

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dylan patrick ward

Dylan is an exceptionally talented and funny songwriter from Bellows Falls, VT. I am very excited to be working with him as a producer and multi-instrumentalist on an album that he is releasing as a series of singles throughout 2023 and 2024. You can (and should) follow him here.


jon stephens & the cold souls

I've been playing with Jon Braught (aka Jon Stephens) since 2011 in a few different bands. He's been my most prolific co-writing partner, and we've penned over 20 songs together since 2018, including the 5 songs on the 'Badlands' EP.


sam vendt

Sam is a Christian musician who writes beautiful, sincere, deep worship music for his church community as an associate pastor in Keene, NH. I've worked with him as a producer, singer, guitarist, and bassist on a variety of projects, including his 2021 EP 'Creation Waits'. Follow Sam here.

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brian dickens

Brian is an incredibly talented songwriter from Winchendon, MA. I have worked with him as a producer and instrumentalist his album 'And The Plot Dickens...', as well as providing bass and guitar tracks for his 2018 album 'Posterity Measures'. Follow Brian here.

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