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Photoshoot time

I just went to upload some of my 'promo shots' for site content, and I saw the date on the folder was 2009. I suppose that means it's time to put on my 'adult hat' and hire a photographer... it feels disingenuous to use pictures from 13 years ago.

Venues are going to book me expecting this fresh-faced young kid, and then I'll show up looking like a tired 30-something who hasn't had an uninterrupted night of sleep in 18 months (which I haven't - all those rumors about babies? They're true.) and they'll leave me bad reviews on Yelp which I'll eventually have to post on my 'Reviews' page here to replace the made-up ones from Paul McCartney and Abe Lincoln... and it's all downhill from there.

So yeah - the idea is, I'm going to get some new pictures.

Seriously... look at this! I'd been legally allowed to have a beer for 3 months. Wire-frame glasses were still acceptable. I can't keep using these.

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