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Quiet Nights

We got an early taste of New England summer this week, with a string days above 80°. Along with that rise in temperatures came an afternoon thunderstorm, which is one of my favorite things about summer. I love the sound of heavy rain, the relief from the heat, and the glow as it starts to pass just before sunset (that pic is legit #nofilter... other than the lettering). There was something that made this storm significant, though - the wind took down a tree on our road, which left us without power for 5 hours or so. Truth be told, I enjoy a nighttime power outage**. We lit some candles and spent the evening talking and playing with our daughters, then putting them to bed with the windows cracked to let some cool air in. My oldest fell asleep leaning on the windowsill by her bed, watching the sunset and listening to the spring peepers and the rain. (My youngest threw a flailing tantrum, but we don't need to get into that.) After they were both asleep, Aly and I got to talk about things we don't usually find the time to talk about. And given a few moments with no distractions, I picked up my guitar and wrote most of a new song. I would love to say it's a profound and beautiful meditation on the merits of a power outage, but it's not about much of anything. It will be a fun one to open a set with, though.

The irony of writing a blog post about the beauty of unplugging is not lost on me, but I'm going to ignore that and make my point - which is, I want to make a habit of creating our own self-imposed quiet nights through the summer, maybe once a week or so. No electric lights or screens, just the natural clock of the sun, telling the evolutionary triggers in our brains that it's time to wind down by staring at a fire (even if it's one in a glass jar) and singing a song. If you weren't lucky enough to lose power the other night, savor that true quiet next time you find yourself with no lights on. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

**when it's not during an ice storm in January

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