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Missed Connections

For the unfamiliar, Missed Connections is a ridiculous section of Craigslist in which people send out long-shot prayers to the Internet Gods, in hopes that some menial interaction they recently experienced had cosmic significance. Its the home of posts like, "You were a beautiful 20-something brunette goddess. I was a 45-year old cashier at Jiffy Mart. Our eyes met, and you smiled and I'll never be the same. Please let me know you felt it too."

I feel like that's kind of how I'm treating listeners at my shows. "I saw you cry and touch your partner's hand during the end of a love song I wrote - please remember how to spell my name and find me online."

For years, I've been meeting wonderful people when I perform, then failing to offer them any meaningful way to stay connected with my music. It's pretty important to me to change that pattern, so my first step is to start actually maintaining a mailing list and sending out a newsletter to fans with upcoming shows and updates. Truth be told, I've found that to be the most reliable way to keep up with the artists I care most about... so I thought I should offer that same method to you all.

If you're reading this blog, thank you so much for your support, and the effort you have put into it to even get to this page. I love to create, and I'm deeply grateful to anyone who takes the time to listen to my art. I'd truly appreciate it if you could sign up for my mailing list as well - that way when I send out the first one in May, it'll go to more than just my mother-in-law (thanks Deb!). And more importantly, you'll get updates on my upcoming shows and releases directly, instead of having to monitor social media... which, surprisingly, is not The Only True And Reliable Source Of Truth On All Things True (yet... I think that was in Meta's shareholder presentation goals for 2024).

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