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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

I've always been good with having merchandise to sell at shows when I've played with bands, but I've never quite been able to make that jump as a solo musician. It feels narcissistic to print and sell a bunch of stuff with my name on it. But as I said in my last post... I also feel like I need to offer more ways for people to engage in my music, so I'm committing. I designed a sillhouete logo (which my wife immediately pointed out looked like a Bernie 2016 sticker), and ordered my first merch to bring to shows. It's not a major investment - just stickers to start - but at the very least, I can give out a sticker and/or a business card, so people can spell my name. My next step is tee shirts with my face logo on them, because who wouldn't want that? Right?

I also just finished setting up a print-to-order store page, because it's a lower-overhead option and will let me offer more variety than I every with the inventory I buy/bring to shows. Wine tumblers? Mugs? Magnets? Logo snuggies? Sign me up! (I was quite surprised to find out these are an actual thing... but they're not on my site yet).

Do you have ideas on what kind of merchandise I should have at shows and/or on the store? Drop me a line or let me know your thoughts in the comments. :) I've got this new logo (see the stickers below), and some fun new graphics I'm working on, some of which are already visible on the store page - check it out!

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