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Handing My Life Over To Robots

Do you have any bills on auto pay? I have a few, and it's amazing. Every month, they just pay themselves without any input from me. It just feels way better to not have to actively think about whether the mortgage is paid or not. I've always wished I could put other things on autopay - just take the effort out of menial tasks in a way that improves my life. There are a lot of things that doesn't work for, but I recently (and accidentally) found one thing that does make life better (if you like live music), and I wanted to share it with you folks.

I recently signed up on in order to get my show schedule published on this website in an easy-to-maintain way. I've had the account for a few weeks now, and I'm finding I'm even more excited about it as a listener than I am as an artist. I synced it with my music streaming service, and I now get email updates every week telling when artists I like have announced shows in my area... which means I don't have to actively remember to look up tour schedules for the dozens of artists I'm hoping to see at some point - they just tell me. Obviously I follow most of these artists Facebook or Instagram, but I can't always count on seeing every post... both because I go days without opening either app, and because of how those platforms limit the reach of posts depending on how much artists are paying for advertising. This is a way around that hurdle and I think it's a really cool service.

If you are a fan of live music, you should seriously consider signing up. You tell them who you like, and they'll tell you when those acts (and similar ones) are playing near you. And you can follow artists at any level, from Radiohead to Ian Galipeau (if you are so inclined).

To be clear, this is not like an affiliate post or paid advertising or anything... I am honestly just really happy with the service and I want to share it with other music fans. Make it easier on yourself to support live music - hand the concert-searching over to the robots.

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