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The End

Release Year:
Ian Galipeau

neurons are firing inside of my brain
fighting for space in the darkness
sparks flying high in a violent cascade
‘til fireworks fade and nothing remains

my organs will forget their parts one by one
the symphony fumbling to finish
my heart will grow tired of beating it's drum
and when it succumbs, my song will be sung

they'll lay me in the ground
leave their flowers with love
and I'll rest my weary head to the sound
of the birds up above

I'd like to think that i'm more than my thoughts
but i'm at a loss to explain how
'cause someday I'll just be a name on a rock
a lead in a plot, long since forgotten

i'll lay there in the ground
the world will turn as if I never was
and my breath will drift endlessly on through the clouds
like the birds up above

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