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Ian Galipeau is an indie-rock songwriter for hopeful cynics. If you cry at It's A Wonderful Life, despise every TV news channel, and have a moderate-but-not-crippling sense of anxiety about climate change, there's a good chance you'll appreciate his lyrics. And his lyrics are where his obsession lies - he is not an artist who can just write a simple love song, or a breakup song. He's compelled, for better or worse, to use songs to explore something out-of-the-ordinary. Sometimes it's a meditation on writers block, or the nostalgia of parenthood, or the perspective of a Ray Bradbury character... but there's always some fragment of the unexpected. Musically, he leans toward indie-rock, but there are also strands of retro-pop and Americana that will keep you on your toes.


Ian is based in Keene, NH. He’s been performing across New England since 2010, and has shared the stage with national touring acts including Arc Iris and Dietrich Strauss. He released two sister-EPs, titled Raze/Raise, in March of 2018, and followed with the full-length album Like We Were Never Here At All  in September 2022.

Ian is also involved in a number of other projects as a writer, bassist, and producer. If you are interested in a writing partner, arranger, producer, or just want to chat about music theory, get in touch. 






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